• Lower payments
    Financing the same equipment can cost far more per month. Just think what you can do with the extra cash.
  • Designed for you
    CULEASE Financial Services offers lease programs for almost any type of business and equipment.
  • Latest equipment
    Replace or upgrade at the end of your term. With CULEASE Financial Services, you’re never burdened with outdated equipment.
  • Preserve credit
    CULEASE Financial Services expands your available capital without interfering with your established credit.
  • Overcome budget restrictions
    You can’t always predict when you’ll need equipment. With CULEASE Financial Services, you can obtain what you need now --- even if it is not budgeted.
  • Pay as you profit
    Put the equipment to work and pay as it generates revenue.

We know your business… Let’s work together to design a lease program for the equipment you need.

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